audiovisualARtwork is a collaboration between composer Anna Rosenkilde and painter Robert Benson.

We create our works in a constant exchange of sketches of painting and music. Together we explore what occurs in the close interplay between the two art forms. At our exhibitions you will be able to experience works consisting of a painting and a piece of music painted and written in close collaboration. The music inspires the brush strokes and the characters in the painting. The colours of the painting affect the choice of instruments and sounds, as well as the characters and the mood inspire the storytelling in the music.

The experience we would like to give you is a musical and scenic journey. A journey where the meeting between music and painting forms a common story - told through the fleeting tones and the permanent impressions of the painted motifs.

We have made two exhibitions so far - in November 2016 and November 2018 - and are working on new audiovisualARtwork for future exhibitions.

Watch the video below to learn tell about our process and the creation of the works or visit

KÆRE GRÆSHOPPE (Dear Grasshopper) - Dance performance

The dance perfomance premiered at Bora Bora Dance Theatre in Aarhus, Denmark 2015. It is a collaboration between dramatist Zara Lea Palmquist, dancer/choreographer Lea Vendelbo and composer Anna Rosenkilde.

The score is composed for 6 loudspeakers placed in a circle around the stage and audience.

Listen to excerpts of the music/sound art here: